Thursday, December 6, 2007

Angouleme Nominees

The international comics festival in Angouleme, France is coming up in January. It's a whole city of comics and animation!
The nominees for various awards have been announced and the French versions of Linda Medley's Castle Waiting, Gene Yang's American Born Chinese, and Shaun Tan's The Arrival are among the nominees for the "Official Selection" which is like the Grand Prize.
Among the nominees for the "Youth Selection" award I recognized Jordan Crane's The Clouds Above and Emmanuel Guibert's Sardine 5. Unfortunately the only information on the official site about the Youth nominees are the covers, which makes me want to find out more about them all.
There will also be a contest where kids from 12 local schools will vote on one of five books (chosen by the school district in collaboration with the festival) and and then visit the festival to meet the author or authors for whom they voted. What a fantastic idea.
You should definitely check out the winners of the Comic Book Competition in Schools. Incredible talent for sure - I would read anything by Lucrece Andreae!


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