Monday, April 2, 2007

Emily and the Intergalactic Lemonade Stand

Emily and the Intergalactic Lemonade Stand, by Ian and Tyson Smith (SLG)

Girls aren’t the only ones who like robots and space aliens, right? The heroine and villainess in Emily and the Intergalactic Lemonade Stand may be female, but this isn’t a girly book. Our heroine, Emily, wants to buy a horse, so she takes her lemonade making robot, Juicer, traveling the galaxy looking for customers. Daisy, Emily’s rival and worst enemy, is always trying to outdo her by getting bigger and better robots from her military father, then having her robots pick fights with Juicer. Of course, Juicer always wins. Along the way, Emily meets up with an alien warrior, Pheef, who has to be one of the funniest characters ever created. Then, aliens invade earth and it’s up to Emily’s gang to save the day. The brightly colored, quirky art, crazy characters, and fast-paced storyline make this a really great book for kids who think they don’t like to read – they’ll be so into it that they totally forget that they’re reading. Our copy is very dog-eared and well-loved. I laughed a lot, especially at Pheef – I wear my Pheef t-shirt proudly!

Shelby says: Emily and the Intergalactic Lemonade Stand is a good book because the story is interesting and the characters are funny. Emily owns a robot that makes lemonade that ends up being the most powerfullest robot in the galaxies. The boy in the story is the hugest fan in the world of robots and that’s all he thinks about. He’s such a nerd because he bought eighty glasses of lemonade from Emily and her robot and then he had to pee really bad. Emily loves horses and she wants to get one, so the reason she’s selling lemonade is to buy a horse. Her arch-nemesis is Daisy, whose father is in the army and has all this money, so he keeps getting her these five million dollar robots and she keeps breaking them. She’s very spoiled and I just want to smack her upside the head! There’s Pheef, who is a pink warrior who is the size of a small stuffed animal and his name is Pheef because that’s all he says. He’s also funny because thinks he’s scary and mean, but all he is is cute. Anyone would like this book if they like good humor, even grown ups!

Sarah says: Emily and the Intergalactic Lemonade Stand is a great story for all ages because it has robot fights, a cute little warrior, space travel, and aliens. It’s cool because they made it in color, not black and white. Pheef cracks me up because you can hear what he’s thinking and he thinks that Emily is trying to attack him with her evilness, but she just thinks he’s cute. She makes him have tea parties and wear bows! The villain is a girl who is very goth, but her name is Daisy – that’s funny. The story is about girls, but boys would like it because it’s funny and it has robot fights.


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