Monday, April 2, 2007

Grumpy Old Monsters

Grumpy Old Monsters, by Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta (IDW)

Drac, Frank, the Invisible Man, the Mummy, the Wolfman, and all the other old-timers, now past their prime, are “living” at Rest In Peace, “a retirement care facility for mature monsters with special needs.” They’re falling apart – some of them literally – and have been forgotten by their once adoring public. Tiffany Frankenstein, granddaughter of the famous doc, arrives with bad news: Castle Frankenstein is about to be torn down by the evil Van Helsing Corporation to make way for luxury condos. Will the aging monsters overcome their own insecurities and the domineering Nurse Wrentch to help Tiffany take on Van Helsing?

Have I used the word cute yet? Okay, how about adorable? Anyone have a thesaurus? Nothing even remotely scary here – just wonderful characters and bright, snappy art. It’s actually touching to see these old ghouls overcoming their self-doubts (sort of a G-rated Bubba Ho-Tep). The story is easy to follow, even if the little ones don’t know what luxury condominiums are, and it all resolves nicely at the end. It’s so nice to see a book that’s thoroughly entertaining for both kids and adults without resorting to any double entendre at all. If you like movie monsters even a little bit, be sure to pick up the trade of Grumpy Old Monsters.

Shelby says: I like Grumpy Old Monsters because they’re funny and Nurse Wrentch is all being mean to them and then at the end of the last comic she gets taken away so they’re all happy. I liked the little doggy that Wolfman found in the forest. I like when the nurse said the Creature from the Black Lagoon was floating in the water and the other nurse said, “He’s an amphibian, you idiot!” The Creature’s all “He gave me mouth to mouth! Can’t even take a nap around here!”

Sarah says: I liked it because it’s funny like when the monster, aka Frankenstein, is watching one of those really weird shows where this woman is telling ladies how to exercise. I like it when Dracula sometimes doesn’t know how to say words, like “I vill help” and “Vatch the birdie!” That cracks me up! My favorite characters are the Invisible Man and Gobblin’, the puppy. I like Gobblin’ because at first in the story he doesn’t look very important, but later on he’s very important. I like the Invisible Man because he’s funny and he can cheat in cards. If I was invisible, I would like it because no one can see me when I’m naked.


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